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Our story

Welcome to The Avid Seamstress, a Dorset-based sewing pattern company. We’re dedicated to helping modern makers enjoy sewing and making themselves look and feel great. 

The Avid Seamstress produces versatile and multi-functional sewing patterns to bring together a community of makers that empower and inspire each other. 


An avid maker myself, The Avid Seamstress was created from a deep love of sewing and the absolute joy that comes from making amazing garments.

When creating The Avid Seamstress, one of my biggest priorities was to create sewing patterns with straightforward and easy to understand instructions. I wanted to avoid those head-scratching moments and feelings of disappointment when something doesn’t quite make sense. Because of this, The Avid Seamstress sewing patterns are always tested by a team of pattern testers to ensure that our instructions are clear and the pattern is ready for release.

You might find that The Avid Seamstress has a different way of doing things from other sewing patterns that you have followed. Through our sewing experiences we've found ways of making things simpler and more enjoyable, whilst also building up your sewing skills. Trust our process, I promise that your garments will look incredible. 

Thank you for supporting The Avid Seamstress. Your creations, pictures, comments and emails are what keep me going. Your support is the heart and soul of this business and it is what makes The Avid Seamstress community so amazing. At the same time, I take all feedback, positive and negative, on board and I am constantly striving to improve.

Opening a sewing studio and creating a warm, inviting space for you to come and learn to sew or develop your skills has been a dream come true. Alongside myself, we have a group of incredible teachers and provide a range of crafts for you to learn and enjoy. I hope to see you at a workshop soon at our gorgeous new studio to share our love of sewing and making.


the avid seamstress sewing patterns


The Avid Seamstress sewing patterns are printed on high-quality 60gsm pattern paper. This paper is perfect for sewing and doesn't tear easily. We include a step-by-step instruction book. Our instruction books include drawings with the photographed instructions via our blog or fully photographed pictures in the instruction books. 
What's more, we include a guide to taking accurate measurements and a checklist card to ensure you have covered everything before starting your project.  All of this is encased in a big re-closable envelope.

Our sewing patterns are available worldwide in both digital/PDF (via our Etsy store) and printed format. Should you purchase the digital sewing pattern via Etsy, we also offer a printing service for the pattern sheet here.


Individuality. Our patterns are versatile, multi-functional and allow you to express your own unique style with every design decision you make along the way.

Knowledge. We teach the art and technique of sewing. Visit our blog to browse our library of sewing knowledge, follow tutorials and connect with your sewing community.

Quality. From conception to production, each pattern and instruction book is tested and retested to ensure a flattering fit on any body type. We invest the time to create the perfect pattern for you to make your own.

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