Our story & values

Hello. We're The Avid Seamstress, a London based pattern company dedicated to helping modern women enjoy the art of sewing. With a dedication to producing quality products with easy-to-follow instructions, we strive to bring together a community of women to empower and inspire each other through sewing.

Over the years, we've realised that sewing garments isn't just about sewing, it's about slowing down and enjoying the whole process - from choosing your fabric, preparing your pattern, taking your measurements correctly, pinning and cutting with care. Taking your time with the first important steps means the sewing part of your project will be bliss.

When you purchase an Avid Seamstress pattern, you will receive a beautiful string tied envelope that includes a sewing pattern, printed on high quality pattern paper, cards showing you how to take measurements, sewing terms demystified and a sewing checklist. Also included, drawn by Jen and Kari, our lovely graphic designers, is a step-by-step instruction booklet that will take you through the journey of creating one of our garments and making it your own.  

An Avid Seamstress sewing pattern

Our Vision

To empower and inspire women to create beautiful articles of clothing.

Our Mission

We provide quality sewing patterns with clear, easy-to-follow instructions accompanied by a multitude of educational resources.



Our Values

Creativity. We give you the structure to base your clothing design on and you do the rest. Our patterns are versatile, multi-functional and allow you to express your own unique style with every design decision you make along the way.

Knowledge. We teach the art and technique of sewing. Visit our blog to browse our library of sewing knowledge, follow tutorials and connect with your sewing community.

Quality. From conception to production, each pattern is tested and retested to ensure a flattering fit on any body type. With every annotation, each notch and all details, we invest the time creating the perfect pattern for you to make your own.