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A0 and Copy Shop Sewing Pattern Print (B&W / Colour) has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 100 reviews.

A0 and Copy Shop Sewing Pattern Print (B&W / Colour)

We can print any sewing pattern companies pattern as long as the file is A0.

A0 / Copy Shop Printing:

Please treat each sewing pattern that you would like to print as individual products, instead of selecting the total number of pages across all of the patterns that you wish to print.

Please upload each pattern individually, selecting the number of pages in that pattern, then add to the cart before moving on to the next pattern.

For example, if your sewing pattern spans 1 page, select ONE PAGE SEWING PATTERN. If your pattern spans two pages, select TWO PAGE SEWING PATTERN, and so on. Please add this selection to the cart before selecting and uploading further patterns. You can add as many products as you would like to the cart.

If the file is colour, it will be printed in colour.


1. Using the drop-down menu, select the total number of pages for the first sewing pattern

2. Click "choose file" and select the A0 file to upload

3. Add to cart

4. Add any additional A0 printing to the cart (or anything else from the store)

5. If you'd like to order more than one copy of a A0 print, simply update the quantity in the cart

6. Checkout your order

NOTE: If your sewing pattern has more than one page, but is provided in more than one file, please order as above, but do not upload any files. Instead, please email your files to us at quoting your order number in the subject line.



Each pattern is considered one product, regardless of the number of pages. If you wish to print more than one sewing pattern, please treat each pattern as a separate product, following the above steps each time.

If you have difficulties with uploading your files, you can email the files to us once you have made your order, quoting the order number in the subject line. Email us at


What you will receive:

Your pattern will be printed on 60gsm paper, and folded into a neat A5 bundle.

The size of A0 is 841 x 1189mm / 33.1 x 46.8in

Don't fancy tracing? Why not order a second print so that you can keep the master. 

For any questions regarding A0 printing please contact us at 


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